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Got a bit of time to spare? Been bitten by the knowledge/interest/curiosity/fascination/keener/love bug? Then go forth, intrepid reader! Behold: a world of portals and open doors with much to offer await you…


Play Capoeira


Soul Capoeira

The Capoeira Blog

Bahia-Capoeira Blog

Capoeira World


Spirals (Thoughts of Graduado Cobrador)


I Came Here to Play

Capoeira by Mestre Acordeon

Capoeira NUS


Hug a Feminist

Antigone Magazine

Broadsides (by Antonia Zerbisias at the Toronto Star)

Shameless Magazine

Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog


Learn Something New

Capoeira Connection

FICA Archives

Capoeira Wiki (French)

“Women-positive” Capoeira Songs


Visit Friends

Blue Snake Books

Capoeira Espaco

Surprised by Soy

Imperial Dreams

the little blue penguin


Xixarro’s Blog

Calcopyrite Communications (Words on Music)


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